Work Participation rate and Occupational Pattern

The work participation rate is very low in the district having 38.4 per cent. This means that quite a sizable proportion of total population is non-working population accounting for 61.6 per cent in the district. The work participation rate among male and female shows that among the former 48.1 per cent are engaged whereas among later it is 27.9 per cent. The proportion of main workers of total workers are 27.9 per cent having 40.9 per cent among males and 13.9 per cent among females. As such, the proportion of main workers among females is very low. So far as proportion of marginal workers are concerned it is 10.4 per cent of total workers.

Work Participation Rate is Jehanabad District


Work Force Persons Male Females
(i) Work Participation Rate (%) 38.4 48.1 27.9
(ii) Proportion of Main Workers (%) 27.9 40.9 13.9
(iii) Proportion of Marginal Workers (%) 10.4 7.1 14.0


Source : Census of India, 2001.


Regard to occupational pattern indicates that the maximum proportion of workers are engaged in agriculture of the total work force 80.34 per cent areengaged in agricultural sector either as cultivators or agricultural labourers. The low proportion of workers in household industries (3.74 per cent) indicates that there have been least industrial activities in the district. Industrially this district can be said as backward district. As such, agriculture is the main economic activity in the district. The proportion of other workers is 15.92 per cent having 19.84 per cent in case of males and 8.68 per cent in case of females.


Pattern of Jehanabad District, 2001


Occupation Persons Males


(i) Cultivators 207,511 (35.78) 143,735 (38.20) 63,776 (31.32)
(ii) Agricultural labourers 259,439 (44.56) 146,688 (38.71) 112,751 (55.38)
(iii) Workers in household industries 21,636 (3.74) 12,236 (3.25) 9,400 (4.62)
(iv) Other workers 92,319 (15.92) 74,647 (19.84) 17,672 (8.68)


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