An important aspect of social base is the literacy level which has significant bearing on the social development of the region. This has also bearing on the performance of persons in discharging their functions. This is the main reason that literacy rate has close relation with human quality which, in turn, indicates the extent of knowledge and skills of persons having direct bearing on the development of society. Table 2.2 presents the comparative picture of literacy ratio in Jehanabad district and Bihar.


It can be noted from the table that the number of illiterate persons are much high in Jehanabad as well as the state. As regards to literacy rate, it is found that literacy ratio is, by and large, similar in Jehanabad district and the state. The table indicates that the average literacy rate in Jehanabad district is 55.3 per cent (male 70.1 % and female only 39.4 %) as compared to 47.0 per cent in the state (male 59.7% and female 33.1 %). This shows that the literacy rate in Jehanabad is higher than the State's average but it is still low as about 45 per cent of total population of the district is illiterate. It is important to note that in Kerala the literacy rate is 91 per cent.


State / District No. of Literates ('000) No. of illiterates ('000) Literacy rate (%)
Persons Male Female
674 442 231
Persons Male Female
840 342 497
Persons Male Female
55.3 70.1 39.4
31109 20644 10465
51889 22599 29290
47.0 59.7 33.1
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