Land holdings

The characteristic of land ownership and operational holding is one of the important component of social and economic structure. Apparently, land is the main assest in the rural areas and farm income is usually judged on the basis of land possession by the people. This is the rationale that land holding pattern is examined here. The results presented in Table 2.7 reveals the fact that the agriculture of the district is dominated by small farms. The dominance of marginal and small farms clearly indicate that the development strategy for agriculture in the district must be refocused on the small farm sector.


Distribution of Number of Holdings and Operated Area of Jehanabad district


Farm size No. of Holdings Percentage Operated Area Percentage Average size of Holdings
Marginal 149369 80.57 57986 44.57 0.39
Small 20653 11.15 26049 20.02 1.26
Semi-medium 12981 7.00 33352 25.63 2.57
Medium 2342 1.26 12170 9.35 5.19
Large 43 0.02 553 0.43


All 185388 100.00 130110 100.0 0.70
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